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NEBDN Certificate in Dental Sedation

Course Overview

This NEBDN qualification will develop the theoretical knowledge and practical skills needed to competently assist during routine conscious sedation procedures.

After a general introduction to the subject, your tutor will work with you to help you decide which award or certificate is most appropriate for you. This allows you to complete the qualification best suited to your clinical environment. Options are:

  • Certificate in Dental Sedation Nursing
  • Award in Inhalation Sedation Dental Nursing
  • Award in Intravenous Sedation Dental Nursing

Course tutor:
Maria Goodier
9.00am - 4.30pm Friday's & 9.00am - 4.00pm weekends (See below for training dates)

10 Months
All days attended and modules completed are verifiable CPD
Suitable for:
Dental Nurses registered with the GDC who assist with patients receiving treatment under conscious sedation (intravenous sedation and/or inhalation sedation)

The course covers

  • Applied anatomy and physiology
  • Applied pharmacology
  • Equipment used in dental sedation
  • Legislation
  • Assisting, monitoring and recovery of conscious sedation patients
  • Dealing with medical emergencies.

There are a maximum of 12 places available for this course.

Learning outcomes

  • Prepare, monitor and recover a patient during a sedation procedure
  • Prepare and clear a clinical environment
  • Assist the dentist in procedures including recovering a patient
  • Apply current legislation, including consent in your working practice
  • Demonstrate competency in assisting with the treatment of patients undergoing conscious sedation through the completion of a Record of Competence.


Training dates

You will be expected to attend training on:

  • 01 November 2024
  • 29 November 2024
  • 17 January 2025
  • 14 February 2025
  • 14 March 2025
  • 11 April 2025
  • 09 May 2025
  • 13 June 2025
  • 11 July 2025

Entry requirements

  • GDC registration number
  • Self motivation
  • Suitably qualified staff within the workplace who are willing to act as witnesses to your performance during completion of your Record of Experience.  Each witness will need to complete a Witness Training Programme prior to observing any performance.  Information regarding the Witness Training Programme is available here.
  • Access to the following patients:
    • Certificate in Dental Sedation Nursing: a minimum of 20 intravenous sedation cases and a minimum of 10 inhalation sedation cases
    • Award in Inhalation Sedation Dental Nursing: a minimum of a minimum of 10 Inhalation sedation cases
    • Award in Intravenous Sedation Dental Nursing: a minimum of 20 Intravenous sedation cases.


  • Attend 80%  of the course dates
  • Successfully complete an NEBDN Record of Competence
  • Achieve a pass in the NEBDN written exam.


How to apply

For documentation on how to apply please download the application form here: Sedation 2024

This can be emailed to Please send all documentation using the same method.

Any applications received with missing documents will not be processed and will be returned directly to the applicant.

You will receive a confirmation email up to 3 working days from submission.


Further information

If you are interested in joining our mailing list, please email adding ‘Mailing List – Dental Sedation’ in the subject line to

Candidates who fail the examination will continue to be supported by the DTEC team at no extra cost until the expiration of their Record of Competence.  NEBDN however will charge a resit examination fee.  Details of fees payable are available on the NEBDN website (  These fees are paid to DTEC in the first instance and are then forwarded to NEBDN.  

Candidates who choose to / or are required to defer entry to the examination will continue to be supported by the DTEC but may be subject to charges according to the Examination Entry and Deferral Policy available here.